Recently I have had alot of issues when installing new apps on my andorid device, it would display errors about being out of disk space.

Even when there was 2-300MB free, nothing seemed to help. I had removed most of all the useless apps, but the space was eaten right away. When I couldn’t update the important apps I decided it was enough.

I finally found out what was eating all of the disk space. Apparently it was log files, I used the DiskUsage application and saw that “System data” took over 1GB. This seemed somewhat resonable, but then I discovered that it actually grew every day.

DiskUsage graph

I crawled the web looking for answers, and found a hidden tool in the dialer app. You might not know what it looks like, it usually comes preinstalled and has a keypad like a calculator but can’t actually do math.

If you type these characters you will get a menu: *#9900#

SysDump options

I pressed “Delete dumpstate/logcat” and freed around 1GB of space, awesome. That dialer app is actually useful for something, I guess I’ll keep it installed for now.